Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc. - News & Press Releases: Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc expands series of high recovery vials for your critical sample handling.

News & Press Releases: Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc expands series of high recovery vials for your critical sample handling.


NEW HIGH RECOVERY VIALS - You can choose from our standard high recovery vial sizes and volumes or allow us to design and engineer a vial for your specific requirements and automation systems.

NEW Standard High Recovery vial sizes for compound libraries:

  • 12x32 mm clear vial, 11mm crimp finish, tapered bottom - WWGR # 10012
  • 12x32 mm clear vial, 11mm snap finish, tapered bottom - WWGR # 10112
  • 12x32 mm clear vial, 9mm Screw Thread, tapered bottom - WWGR # 10212
  • 12x32 mm clear vial, 10-425mm Screw Thread, tapered bottom - WWGR # 10262

Benefits & Features

  • 100% QC - Manufactured with tight tolerances using Camera Gauging for consistent reproducibility
  • 100% length gauged
  • Designed with tooled taper and smoother bottom for barcode applications
  • Low dead volume
  • Smooth inner conical for maximum recovery of sample
  • Type I Borosilicate
  • Additional services offered include LC/MS Certified or deactivation if required

Additionally, WWGR offers the following services:

  • Custom High Recovery Vials
  • Customize your volume and size (OD, Length)
  • Customize your finish
  • Customized packaging available
  • Partition Pack with any quantity i.e. 80 (8x10), 100 (10x10), 25 (5x5), etc.

BARCODING - Vials can be delivered with a linear or two-dimensional bar code already affixed either via pressure sensitive adhesive or a ceramic symbol permanently "fired" onto the surface. Eliminating laborious manual labeling allows users to dedicate their time to science.

Benefits & Features:

  • Linear or two-dimentional bar code labels, engineered to perform in your environment
  • Chemical exposure: DMSO, Methanol, Xylene, Acid, Base
  • Temperature: -196C (Cryogenics), Ambient, Autoclave, Temp Cycling
  • Labeled vials can be customized to meet your labeling, handling, packaging and data tracking requirements
  • Custom Orientation
  • Bar Code Symbology Options: 3 of 9, 128A, 128B, 128C, 2D (PDF 417), 2D (Data Matrix)
  • Bar Code Density Options: 5, 6.6, 7.5, and 10mil
  • Standard Barcode Placement Tolerances: +/- 0.00625 inches
  • 100% Yield (no missing numbers)
  • Vials packaged sequentially in original cartons
  • Apply caps to vials
  • Customized pallet configurations
  • Guaranteed non-repeatable numbers
  • Inventory management programs can be set up to prevent stock out situations
  • Tare weighing services also available
  • New, state of the art weighing equipment and software
  • Dedicated, controlled-environment weigh lab designed specifically for tare weighing
  • Standard weigh accuracy of ceramic barcode is 0.1mg +/- 0.2mg
  • Standard weigh accuracy of pressure sensitive labels is 0.1mg +/- 0.5mg

For further information or samples, please contact us at 856-205-1508 or e-mail at

Worldwide Glass Resources, Incorporated is a US manufacturer of Headspace vials, chromatography vials, microwave vials, sample (dram) vials, high recovery vials and inserts. Our services include custom engineered vials, OEM & private label, LC & MS vial certifications, tare-weigh & custom bar-coding, and vial/insert deactivation. Our products are available through our global distributors.

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