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High Recovery Vials

Worldwide Glass Resources offers a wide selection of high-recovery vials. Manufactured from highly resistant Type I borosilicate glass, you can choose from our standard high-recovery vials engineered for automated systems or we can design a custom vial for your specific application. Bar-coding and Tare/Weigh services are also available.

WWGR Part#VolumeColorDescriptionFinishStyleDimensionCase pk
00100121.5 mLClearTapered bottom HRV11mmCrimp12x32100
00101121.5 mLClearTapered bottom HRV11mmSnap12x32100
00102121.5 mLClearTapered bottom HRV9mmScrew Thread12x32100
00102621.5 mLClearTapered bottom HRV10-425Screw Thread12x32100
00103253.1 mLClearTapered bottom HRV13-425Screw Thread15x45100
00103303.1 mLClearStraight sided HRV13-425Screw Thread15x45100
00103313.1 mLClearStraight sided HRV13-425Screw Thread15x51100
00103355 mLClearTapered bottom HRV15-425Screw Thread17x60100
001037010 mLClearTapered bottom HRV18-400Screw Thread21x70100
001086520 mLClearTapered bottom HRV22-400Screw Thread27.5x57100
001087520 mLClearTapered bottom HRV22-400Screw Thread27.5x67100
001088033 mLClearTapered bottom HRV24-400Screw Thread27.5x93100