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About Worldwide Glass Resources® : Company

Mission Statement

Worldwide Glass Resources® is committed to being the premier solution provider by offering manufacturing, engineering and technical expertise in the design and production of laboratory vials and accessories.


Worldwide Glass Resources® provides practical solutions that serve the needs of scientists across the globe. The foundation of our innovative ability is the collective experience of our diverse team and our continuing desire to evolve for the better. Its crown is the thriving relationships we share with our customers, both domestically and abroad.

Our team's expertise comes from years of experience in laboratory research, production, and customer service. This gives us a holistic advantage to delivering products and services that meet the needs of our customers. We understand the special challenges and requirements of the laboratory. We also know what it takes to manufacture products that can be easily and fully integrated into our customers' processes. Not only that, but we are also able to provide comprehensive support for our customers as we collaborate on planning, developing and implementing new solutions.

But we are not satisfied with our past experience. We constantly seek out opportunities to improve ourselves and our process. Every year, we invest time and resources into new equipment, employee training, and corporate partnerships to ensure we maintain a forward-looking posture.

Our greatest asset—our greatest joy—comes from the personal, on-going relationships we maintain with our customers. These relationships enable us to stay at the forefront of innovation. We strive to become an extension of our customers' operations, reaching out to meet their challenges as our own. We meet often, listen and watch, and anticipate need. We work together to find effective and profitable solutions that enable our customers to get back to what they do best. We succeed only when they succeed.

Our customers span the globe in a variety of markets. Our customers can be found in North America, Europe, Africa, East Asia, and the Pacific Rim. We are part of an extensive global distribution network that serves customers in the pharmaceutical R&D, petro-chemical, environmental, biotech, university and government laboratory markets as well as supply an industrial OEM customer base.