Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc. - New Products : New Gold Magnetic Seal for SPME Applications

Products : New Products : New Gold Magnetic Seal for SPME Applications

New Gold Magnetic Seal for SPME Applications

Press Release - New from Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc. - Lined GOLD Magnetic Seal Designed for SPME. Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc has expanded its Lined Seal portfolio to include engineered septa for SPME (Solid Phase Micro-Extraction) applications. Protect your SPME needle and fiber using specially molded septa. Benefits and Features: * Easy to Pierce - The uniquely designed thinner center eliminates needle bending "Z" or breaking the delicate fiber during analysis. * Seals tightly - The outside wall is manufactured of thicker material (similar to standard septa) which provides a tight seal and prevents the septa from falling out. * Gold Magnetic Seal - Designed to meet or exceed OEM standards for use in Automated Instruments using the magnetic transport systems. * Molded for dimensional conformity. * Manufactured from low extractable silicone. * Can be used for SPME, Dynamic and Static Headspace applications. For samples of WWGR # 15609, please contact us at or call at 856-205-1508. Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc products can be purchased through our authorized global dealer network.