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Syringe Filters are available in a variety of membrane types and in two different pore sizes, 0.20 um and 0.45 um.

WWGR Part#MaterialDiameterPorosityColor
0050004Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filter13 mm0.45 umWhite
0050005Cellulose Acetate Syringe Filter25 mm0.45 umWhite
0050006Nylon Syringe Filter4 mm0.20 umPurple
0050007Nylon Syringe Filter13 mm0.20 umPurple
0050008Nylon Syringe Filter25 mm0.20 umPurple
0050009Nylon Syringe Filter4 mm0.45 umGreen
0050010Nylon Syringe Filter13 mm0.45 umGreen
0050011Nylon Syringe Filter25 mm0.45 umGreen
0050012PTFE Syringe Filter4 mm0.20 umBlue
0050013PTFE Syringe Filter13 mm0.20 umBlue
0050014PTFE Syringe Filter25 mm0.20 umBlue
0050015PTFE Syringe Filter4 mm0.45 umYellow
0050016PTFE Syringe Filter13 mm0.45 umYellow
0050017PTFE Syringe Filter25 mm0.45 umYellow
0050019PVDF Syringe Filter13 mm0.20 umBlack
0050022PVDF Syringe Filter13 mm0.45 umRed
0050023PVDF Syringe Filter25 mm0.45 umRed
0050024Regenerated Cellulose Syringe Filter4 mm0.20 umGrey
0050025Regenerated Cellulose Syringe Filter13 mm0.20 umGrey
0050026Regenerated Cellulose Syringe Filter25 mm0.20 umGrey
0050027Regenerated Cellulose Syringe Filter4 mm0.45 umBrown
0050028Regenerated Cellulose Syringe Filter13 mm0.45 umBrown
0050029Regenerated Cellulose Syringe Filter25 mm0.45 umBrown
0050031PES Syringe Filter13 mm0.20 um